Deliverable 3

Deliverable 3: Research : Provide scholarship and research regarding the social and emotional wellbeing, living well, mental health and suicidality of Indigenous LGBTI  people.

  • Conduct preliminary research identifying core areas as highlighted by the Indigenous LGBTI community
  • Literature review of current LGBTI health and wellbeing experiences reports and plans
  • Secondary research using the social and emotional wellbeing framework to guide a holistic consideration to the positive and negative experiences of Indigenous LGBTI people
    • Research to also include :
    • Physical health and wellbeing
    • Mental health and wellbeing
    • Social health and wellbeing
    • Cultural health and wellbeing
    • Spiritual health and wellbeing
  • Indigenous LGBTI peoples experiences with :
    • Depression, anxiety, suicide ideation and mental ill-health
    • Self harm, Suicide and suicide attempts
    • Drug, alcohol and substance
    • Stigma, discrimination, prejudice and abuse
    • Health service access and use
    • Education and employment
    • Interpersonal relationships and support networks
    • LGBTI community
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