Black Rainbow Actions and Deliverables

Here at the Black Rainbow Living Well Foundation we aim to create, contribute, deliver new ideas and  solutions to prevent suicide for Indigenous LGBTI Australians.

The foundation grew from a lack support needed Indigenous LGBTI people.

The foundation aims to provide funding to conduct research into suicide in Indigenous LGBTI communities, and create a Black Rainbow National Leadership Group.

There was also a need for more counselling services for LGBTI Indigenous people, especially those in incarceration and will look creating partnerships in this space.

Our deliverable areas are :

Deliverable 1: Establish a Indigenous LGBTI advisory group, which will be known as the Black Rainbow National Leadership Group, who will help guide the Foundation in its formative stages.

Deliverable 2: Provide a national document highlighting the issues faced, needs and identify key issues that impact upon the health and wellbeing of Indigenous LGBTI community that will inform and strengthen engagement with the Indigenous LGBTI

Deliverable 3: Research – Provide scholarship and research regarding the social and emotional wellbeing, living well, mental health and suicidality of Indigenous LGBTI  people.

Deliverable 4: Support the delivery of localised Black Rainbow Living Well Community Groups through Peer to Peer engagement and Grant Funding

Deliverable 5: Provide culturally secure guidance to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous organisations to assist in strengthening their delivery and engagement with Indigenous LGBTI people and communities

Deliverable 6 : An anthology of twelve biographical pieces from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Intersex, Brotherboy and Sistergirls. This collection will include people from all backgrounds, to celebrate their success and an intimate view into their personal lives.

Deliverable 7 : Create a suite of inclusive and positive reaffirming health promotion material across all areas of health. Provide advice in other areas on how to develop these materials.

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