[An Open Letter] Help make our Rainbow a reality.

[An Open Letter] Help make our Rainbow a reality.

Dear friends, family and supporters, our campaign to make significant inroads in the prevention of suicide for Indigenous LGBTI Australians is coming to an end and at this stage looks to be unsuccessful. We knew going in that it would be a tough campaign. Indigenous Australians suffer health inequalities like no other Australian. As LGBTI people we have been told that we are too much of a ‘niche’ group for any real invested interest.

And yet, everyday Australians are still very surprised that there hasn’t been advancement in this area of work before. Especially when international research highlights that as Indigenous LGBTI people we are at risk of suicide in the 40-45-percentile range.

By 9am Monday the 23rd of February, we need to reached $25,000 in pledges. This is required to ensure the first of six phases can begin. We need to reach that tipping point.

So far we have raised close to $12,500 from every day ordinary Australians, that in itself has been phenomenal. However, a corporate donor has yet to come forward. In 2014, our attempts to engage in self-determining partnerships were rejected. In 2015, we will try again.

Indigenous LGBTI Australian lives matter and too little is being said or done about it. Please consider donating today. The research is important because the lives saved are important.

More details of our campaign and how to donate can be found here http://startsomegood.com/blackrainbow

Thank you to all of you who have contributed financially already, some more than once, or helped by spreading the word.

The Guardian wrote about us just this week, ‘LGBTI Indigenous people offered a rainbow to follow’, http://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2015/feb/18/lgbti-indigenous-people-offered-a-rainbow-to-follow

Please help make this rainbow a reality.”

So, let’s yarn soon.


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