Black Rainbow : Action and Deliverables

Deliverable 1: Establish a Indigenous LGBTI advisory group, which will be known as the Black Rainbow National Leadership Group, who will help guide the Foundation in its formative stages.

  • Call for expression of interest from and approach Indigenous LGBTI people. Desired requirements include strengths based approaches, solution and outcome focused

Deliverable 2 :  Provide a national document highlighting the issues faced, needs and identify key issues that impact upon the health and wellbeing of Indigenous LGBTI community that will inform and strengthen engagement with the Indigenous LGBTI

  • Call for expression of interest from and approach agencies and organisations working/or wanting to work with the Indigenous community and Indigenous LGBTI people. These agencies must demonstrate an genuine interest, have/or are wanting established self determining relationships with the Indigenous LGBTI communities
  • Support this network to deliver half day roundtables with the intent to capture the needs and identify key issues that impact upon the health and wellbeing of Indigenous LGBTI  so regular meetings of the  advisory group and provide support and guidance to support them in this leadership role
  • The Black Rainbow National Leadership will develop consultation method and design consultation questions using, but not limited to, the Social and Emotional Wellbeing Framework to identify the issues faced, the needs and identify key issues that impact upon the health and wellbeing of of Indigenous LGBTI people
  • Also of interest will be :
    • Experiences of participation in their community,
    • Cultural inclusion,
    • Intersecting oppressions and challenges
    • Experiences of  engagement in day to day environments i.e. workplace/force and education
    • Experiences of participation in their community and culture
    • Strengths and capabilities
    • Self-determining principles of engagement and inclusion
  • Call for sponsorship and in kind support to host a national gathering to unpack the issues identified in the national half day workshops and come up with solutions, actions and ways forward.

Deliverable 3: Research : Provide scholarship and research regarding the social and emotional wellbeing, living well, mental health and suicidality of Indigenous LGBTI  people.

  • Conduct preliminary research identifying core areas as highlighted by the Indigenous LGBTI community
  • Literature review of current LGBTI health and wellbeing experiences reports and plans
  • Secondary research using the social and emotional wellbeing framework to guide a holistic consideration to the positive and negative experiences of Indigenous LGBTI people
    • Research to also include :
    • Physical health and wellbeing
    • Mental health and wellbeing
    • Social health and wellbeing
    • Cultural health and wellbeing
    • Spiritual health and wellbeing
  • Indigenous LGBTI peoples experiences with :
    • Depression, anxiety, suicide ideation and mental ill-health
    • Self harm, Suicide and suicide attempts
    • Drug, alcohol and substance
    • Stigma, discrimination, prejudice and abuse
    • Health service access and use
    • Education and employment
    • Interpersonal relationships and support networks
    • LGBTI community

Deliverable 4: Support the delivery of localised Black Rainbow Living Well Community Groups through Peer to Peer engagement and Grant Funding

  • Call for expressions of interest and identify areas and communities that would benefit from a Black Rainbow Living Well Community Group
  • Up skill and strengthen capacity of these groups to deliver identified strengths based programs

Deliverable 5 : Provide culturally secure guidance to both Indigenous and non-Idigenous organisations to assist in strengthening their delivery and engagement with Indigenous LGBTI people and communities

  • Develop Indigenous LGBTI cultural responsiveness training and support for Indigenous and non-Idigenous organisations to be more inclusive and accessible to LGBTI Indigenous people
  • Up skill Indigenous LGBTI people to deliver cultural responsiveness training
  • Develop health promotional material to increase the visibility and positive reflection of Indigenous LGBTI  people to promote inclusion and combat discrimination and exclusion.
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